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Where do you deliver?

From this store we serve and deliver to the United States. 

We have local stores for Sweden and the rest of Europe

Is Kolsvart Vegan and gluten-free?

We avoid ingredients we can’t get behind ourselves, most importantly we never use gelatin. Most of our products are vegan and gluten free, but there are a couple of exceptions. Please check each product description for more information.

Is Kolsvart Non-GMO?

Yes, we do not use any GMO ingredients.

Where is Kolsvart made?

All our products are made in Sweden.

How long is the Kolsvart shelf life?

12 months from the production date for most products, we aim to have at least 6 months of shelf life left for all products we sell.

How should I store Kolsvart?

We recommend storing most products at room temperature.

Where can I buy Kolsvart?

Please check our stockist page.

I am interested in wholesale options, selling Kolsvart, or becoming a distributor. Who do I get in touch with?

Please write us an email at

How do I contact customer support?

Please write us an email at